Learn about using Sentry for Cohere.

This integration connects Sentry with the Cohere Python SDK. The integration has been confirmed to work with Cohere 5.3.3.

Once you've installed this SDK, you can use Sentry LLM Monitoring, a Sentry dashboard that helps you understand what's going on with your AI pipelines.

Sentry LLM Monitoring will automatically collect information about prompts, tokens, and models from providers like Cohere. Learn more about it here.

Install sentry-sdk and cohere from PyPI:

pip install --upgrade 'sentry-sdk' 'cohere'

If you have the cohere package in your dependencies, the integration will be enabled automatically when you initialize the Sentry SDK.

Configuration should happen as early as possible in your application's lifecycle.

import sentry_sdk

    # Set traces_sample_rate to 1.0 to capture 100%
    # of transactions for tracing.
    # Set profiles_sample_rate to 1.0 to profile 100%
    # of sampled transactions.
    # We recommend adjusting this value in production.

Verify that the integration works by creating an AI pipeline. The resulting data should show up in your LLM monitoring dashboard.

import sentry_sdk
from import ai_track
from cohere import Client

sentry_sdk.init(...)  # same as above

client = Client(api_key="(your Cohere API key)")

@ai_track("My AI pipeline")
def my_pipeline():
    with sentry_sdk.start_transaction(op="ai-inference", name="The result of the AI inference"):

              model="command", message="say hello"

After running this script, a pipeline will be created in the LLM Monitoring section of the Sentry dashboard. The pipeline will have an associated Cohere span for the chat.completions.create operation.

It may take a couple of moments for the data to appear in

  • The Cohere integration will connect Sentry with all supported Cohere methods automatically.

  • All exceptions caused by Cohere methods are reported to Sentry.

  • The supported modules are currently chat and embed.

  • Sentry considers LLM and tokenizer inputs/outputs as PII and doesn't include PII data by default. If you want to include that data, set send_default_pii=True in the sentry_sdk.init() call. To explicitly exclude prompts and outputs despite send_default_pii=True, configure the integration with include_prompts=False as shown in the Options section below.

By adding CohereIntegration to your sentry_sdk.init() call explicitly, you can set options for CohereIntegration to change its behavior:

import sentry_sdk
from sentry_sdk.integrations.cohere import CohereIntegration

    # ...
    integrations = [
            include_prompts=False, # LLM/tokenizer inputs/outputs will be not sent to Sentry, despite send_default_pii=True

  • Cohere: 5.0+
  • Python: 3.9+
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