Product Guides

  • Sentry Basics

    Welcome to Sentry Basics, our primer on using tools available in to help you resolve issues quickly.
  • Error Monitoring

    Learn more about how the configuration of your SDK helps you resolve issues quickly in
  • Alerts & Notifications

    Sentry categorizes notifications into alerts and other types of notifications. Learn more about how these are managed.
  • Performance Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring helps you to see everything from macro-level metrics to micro-level spans, and you'll be able to cross-reference transactions with related issues, and customize queries.
  • Releases

    Learn how to provide information to Sentry about your releases to determine regressions, predict the commit that caused the issue, and resolve issues quickly.
  • Discover Queries

    Discover provides visibility into your data across environments by building upon and enriching your error data. This feature will allow you to query and unlock deeper insights into the health of your entire system and answer critical business questions --- all in one place.
  • Security Policy Reporting

  • Integrations

    Learn more about the wide variety of apps and services integrated with Sentry.
  • Relay

    Learn more about Relay, Sentry's data security solution.
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