The Sentry Python SDK provides support for Python 2.7 and 3.4 or later.

This documentation goes over some Python specific things such as integrations to frameworks.


Integrations extend the functionality of the SDK for some common frameworks and libraries. They can be seen as plugins that extend the functionality of the Sentry SDK. Integrations are configured by a call to sentry_sdk.init. Any default integration not in the list is automatically added unless default_integrations is set to False.

Web Frameworks

Task Queues

Other Integrations


The Python SDK provides some common hints for breadcrumbs and events. These hints are passed as the hint parameter to before_send and before_breadcrumb (as well as event processors) as a dictionary. More than one hint can be supplied but this is rare.


If this hint is set then it’s an exc info tuple in the form (exc_type, exc_value, tb). This can be used to extract additional information from the original error object.


This hint is passed to breadcrumbs and contains the log record that created it. It can be used to extract additional information from the original logging log record that is not extracted by default. Likewise it can be useful to discard uninteresting breadcrumbs.


An httplib request object for breadcrumbs created from HTTP requests.