Learn about the Boto3 integration and how it adds support for the Boto3 and botocore libraries.

The Boto3 integration instruments requests made to Amazon Web Services done with Boto3 (or the low level botocore library that Boto3 uses under the hood). It creates a span for every request.

Install sentry-sdk from PyPI:

pip install --upgrade 'sentry-sdk'

If you have the boto3 package in your dependencies, the Boto3 integration will be enabled automatically when you initialize the Sentry SDK.

Initialization should happen as early as possible in your application's lifecycle.


  • botocore: 1.12+
  • Python: 3.6+

The versions above apply for Sentry Python SDK version 2.0+, which drops support for some legacy Python and framework versions. If you're looking to use Sentry with older Python or framework versions, consider using an SDK version from the 1.x major line of releases.

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