Apache Beam

Learn about using Sentry with Beam.

The Beam integration currently parses the functions in ParDo to return exceptions in their respective setup, start_bundle, process, and finish_bundle functions.

This integration is experimental. It may be removed in minor versions. When enabling this integration, expect to see incorrect server_name and ip due to some distributed properties within Beam.

A Beam version of 2.12 or later is required.

Add BeamIntegration() to your integrations list:

import sentry_sdk
from sentry_sdk.integrations.beam import BeamIntegration


  • The functions get injected with an inspect function to patch getting the function signature.
  • The integration requires Sentry to be installed on all the worker computers using a --requirements_file.
  • The main computer invoking the pipeline requires the same version of Sentry as the worker nodes.
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