(New in version 0.3.6 )

Import name: sentry_sdk.integrations.sanic.SanicIntegration

The Sanic integration adds support for the Sanic Web Framework.

  1. Install sentry-sdk from PyPI:

     $ pip install --upgrade sentry-sdk==0.6.2
  2. To configure the SDK, initialize it with the integration before or after your app has been initialized:

    import sentry_sdk
    from sentry_sdk.integrations.sanic import SanicIntegration
    from sanic import Sanic
    app = Sanic(__name__)


  • The Sanic integration will be installed for all of your apps.

  • All exceptions leading to a Internal Server Error are reported.

  • Request data is attached to all events: HTTP method, URL, headers, formdata, JSON payloads. Raw bodies and multipart file uploads are excluded. Personally identifiable information (such as user ids, usernames, cookies, authorization headers, ip addresses) is excluded unless send_default_pii is set to True.

  • Logging with any logger will create breadcrumbs when the Logging integration is enabled (done by default).

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