Import name: sentry_sdk.integrations.logging.LoggingIntegration

Calling sentry_sdk.init() already integrates with the logging module. It is equivalent to this explicit configuration:

import sentry_sdk
from sentry_sdk.integrations.logging import LoggingIntegration

sentry_logging = LoggingIntegration(
    level=logging.INFO,        # Capture info and above as breadcrumbs
    event_level=logging.ERROR  # Send no events from log messages

If you want to send events for a log record, set event_level to a log level.


  • level (default INFO): Log records with a level higher than or equal to level will be recorded as breadcrumbs. Any log record with a level lower than this one is completely ignored.

  • event_level (default ERROR): Log records with a level higher than or equal to event_level will additionally be reported as event. A value of None means that no log records will be sent as events.