Import name: sentry_sdk.integrations.logging.LoggingIntegration

Calling sentry_sdk.init() already integrates with the logging module. It is equivalent to this explicit configuration:

import sentry_sdk
from sentry_sdk.integrations.logging import LoggingIntegration

# All of this is already happening by default!
sentry_logging = LoggingIntegration(
    level=logging.INFO,        # Capture info and above as breadcrumbs
    event_level=logging.ERROR  # Send errors as events


import logging
logging.debug("I am a breadcrumb")
logging.error("I am an event", extra=dict(bar=43))
logging.error("An exception happened", exc_info=True)
  • There will be an error event with the message "I am an event".
  • "I am a breadcrumb" will be attached as breadcrumb to that event.
  • bar will end up in the event’s extra attributes.
  • "An exception happened" will send the current exception from sys.exc_info() with stacktrace and everything to Sentry. If there’s no exception, the current stack will be attached.

(New in version 0.5.0: Ability to add data to extra )

(New in version 0.6.0: exc_info=True now always attaches a stacktrace )

Ignoring a logger

Sometimes a logger is extremely noisy and spams you with errors you don’t care about. You can completely ignore that logger by calling ignore_logger:

from sentry_sdk.integrations.logging import ignore_logger


logger = logging.getLogger("a.spammy.logger")
logger.error("hi")  # no error sent to sentry

You can also use before-send and before-breadcrumb to ignore only certain messages. See Filtering Events for more information.


The following keyword arguments can be passed to LoggingIntegration():

  • level (default INFO): Log records with a level higher than or equal to level will be recorded as breadcrumbs. Any log record with a level lower than this one is completely ignored. A value of None means that no log records will be sent as breadcrumbs.

  • event_level (default ERROR): Log records with a level higher than or equal to event_level will additionally be reported as event. A value of None means that no log records will be sent as events.

Note that the configured level of each logger will still be honored. That means that you will not see any INFO events from a logger with the level set to WARNING, regardless of how you configure the integration.

Handler classes

The integration also exports two regular logging logging.Handler subclasses that can be used instead of using LoggingIntegration.

Usually you do not need to use this yourself. You can use this together with default_integrations=False if you want to opt in to what Sentry captures. The disadvantage is that setting up logging correctly is hard, and that an opt-in approach to capturing data will miss errors you never would have thought of looking for in the first place.

See the API documentation for more information.