(New in version : 0.6.1)

The AIOHTTP integration adds support for the AIOHTTP-Server Web Framework. A Python version of 3.6 or greater is required.

  1. Install sentry-sdk from PyPI:

     $ pip install --upgrade 'sentry-sdk==0.16.0'
  2. If you’re on Python 3.6, you also need the aiocontextvars package:

    $ pip install --upgrade aiocontextvars
  3. Initialize the SDK before starting the server:

    import sentry_sdk
    from sentry_sdk.integrations.aiohttp import AioHttpIntegration
    from aiohttp import web
    async def hello(request):
        return web.Response(text="Hello, world")
    app = web.Application()
    app.add_routes([web.get('/', hello)])


  • The Sentry Python SDK will install the AIOHTTP integration for all of your apps.

  • All exceptions leading to an Internal Server Error are reported.

  • The AIOHTTP integration currently does not attach the request body. See the relevant GitHub issue.

  • Logging with any logger will create breadcrumbs when the Logging integration is enabled (done by default).

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