Installing Jira with Sentry

  1. In Sentry, navigate to Organization Settings > Integrations. Note: only users with Owner and Manager permissions will have access to this page.
  2. Next to Jira, click ‘Install.’
  3. Click on the ‘Jira Marketplace’ button to begin installing the Sentry app through the Jira marketplace.
  4. Select which Sentry organizations you’d like to use Jira with, and save settings.
  5. In Sentry, you’ll see a new Jira instance appear on the Integrations page.

Jira should now be authorized for all projects under your Sentry organization.

Issue Management

Issue tracking allows you to create Jira issues from within Sentry, and link Sentry issues to existing Jira Issues.

In Sentry, once you’ve navigated to a specific Sentry issue, you’ll find the ‘Linked Issues’ section on the right hand panel. Here, you’ll be able to create or link Jira issues.

Issue Management is available for organizations on the Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise plans.

Issue Sync

Sync comments, assignees and status updates for issues in Sentry to Jira, to minimize duplication. When you delegate an issue to an assignee or update a status on Jira, the updates will also populate in Sentry. When you resolve an issue in Sentry, it will automatically update in Jira.

To configure Issue sync, navigate to Organization Settings > Integrations, and click ‘Configure’ next to your Jira instance. On the following page, you’ll see options of what information you’d like synced between Sentry and Jira.

Issue sync is available for organziations on the Medium, Large, and Enterprise plans.