Relay Modes

Relay can operate in one of several major modes, and it is critical to understand the modes prior if you are configuring the Relay server rather than using the default settings.

The mode is stored in the configuration file, which contains the relay.mode field. This field specifies the mode in which Relay will run: managed, static, or proxy. The Relay mode controls the way Relay obtains

projectRepresents your service in Sentry and allows you to scope events to a distinct application.
settings for events.

In Sentry, event processing is configured according to both project and organization settings. Some settings, such as privacy controls, are set at the organization level, then inherited by all projects in that organization; other settings are specified per project. For Relay, events are processed according to the inherited project settings to which the event is sent.

Configuration for Relay is refreshed in regular intervals by polling Sentry. Sentry does not need line-of-sight to your Relays. See Configuration Options regarding configuration of intervals, timeouts, and retries.

Managed Mode

Managed is Relay's default mode. Because settings are obtained from Sentry, authentication is required in this mode. If authentication fails, no events will be accepted by Relay.

As Relay receives events from your applications, it will request

projectRepresents your service in Sentry and allows you to scope events to a distinct application.
settings from Sentry to process the events. If Sentry is unable to provide the settings for a particular project, all data for that project will be discarded.

To activate managed mode, set this configuration:

  mode: managed

Static Mode

In static mode, projects must be configured manually. In this mode, Relay will process events for only statically configured projects, and reject events for all other projects.

This mode is useful when you know the projects sending events and you need to explicitly control the projects allowed to send events through this Relay.

To activate static mode, set this configuration:

  mode: static

To configure projects, add files using the format projects/<PROJECT_ID>.json to your Relay configuration folder. For a description of the contents of this file, refer to Project Configuration.

Proxy Mode

Proxy mode is similar to static mode, but it forwards events from unknown projects. In this mode, events for statically configured projects are handled identically to static mode. Events for unknown projects -- projects for which there are no statically configured settings -- are forwarded (proxied) with minimal processing.

To activate proxy mode, set this configuration:

  mode: proxy
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