Native Support

Native support is enabled by default. The Unity SDK passes the options defined through the Sentry Unity Editor window during build time. For Android, it embeds the Android SDK inside the Gradle project created by Unity. The iOS SDK is embedded inside the generated Xcode project. This means there's no need to use the Unity built-in crash reporting functionality.

You can opt out of native support by unchecking iOS Native Support and Android Native Support in the configuration window.

Debug Symbols

Sentry requires debug information files to symbolicate your crash logs. The Unity SDK provides an automated upload functionality for those symbol files that rely on the sentry-cli. We've included the executables for Windows, macOS, and Linux inside the Unity SDK package.

The automated debug symbols upload is enabled by default but requires configuration. Go to Tools > Sentry > Editor to enter the Auth Token, Org Slug, and the Project Name. Note that the Unity SDK creates a file at Assets/Plugins/Sentry/SentryCliOptions.asset to store the configuration, that should not be made publicly available.

iOS - dSYM and Bitcode

Debug information files on the iOS platform are called dSYM, and the way to obtain them differs depending on whether Enable Bitcode is set to true in your Xcode project.

For Sentry to symbolicate your crash logs and with bitcode enabled, we need two types of files:

  1. dSYM files available only after App Store Connect finishes processing the build
  2. BCSymbolMap files that are created during the archiving process

The automated symbol upload will take care of the BCSymbolMap files by processing them during the archiving process. To provide the dSYM files to Sentry, you can either set up the App Store Connect Integration so Sentry can fetch them for you or download and then upload them manually using sentry-cli.

With bitcode disabled, the automated symbols upload will pick up the dSYM files at the end of the build process without further action required.

Manual Upload Using sentry-cli

You can either use the provided executables from within the package or follow the sentry-cli documentation to make it available globally. To upload debug symbols, run it with:

sentry-cli --auth-token YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN upload-dif --org example-org --project example-project PATH_TO_SYMBOLS
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