Migration Guide

Migrating From sentry.unity.lite to sentry.unity

Sentry is deprecating the Sentry Unity Lite SDK for Mobile, Desktop and Console players. Customers using Unity 5.x or WebGL can still use the Sentry Unity Lite as it continues to be compatible with sentry.io.

  1. Remove the old Sentry.cs and SentrySdk.cs files from your project.
  2. Remove the old initialization code gameObject.AddComponent<SentrySdk>().Dsn = "___PUBLIC_DSN___";.
  3. Install the new Sentry Unity SDK.
  4. Calls to the API such as SentrySdk.CaptureMessage("Test event"); will continue to work and don't require any change.
  5. Browse the documentation to learn more about the new capabilities of the SDK such as enriching events, performance monitoring and configuration.
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