Quartz Integration

Sentry's Quartz integration is provided through SenryJobListener which you have to add to your scheduler instance.

The Quartz integration will be configured automatically if you're using spring-boot-starter-quartz with either the sentry-spring-boot-starter or the sentry-spring-boot-jakarta-starter integration. However, you still have to specify the monitor slug as shown below.

Check-ins may also be sent manually or if you're using Sentry's Spring Boot integration you can send send check-ins for your @Scheduled tasks by using our @SentryCheckIn annotation.

To install use:

plugins {
  id "io.sentry.jvm.gradle" version "4.5.0"

For other dependency managers, check out the central Maven repository.

You have to provide the monitor slug either

  • when building a Quartz JobDetail instance
  • or when building a Quartz Trigger instance

To do so, you have to add an entry to the jobs data map:

import io.sentry.quartz.SentryJobListener;

// you can set the monitor slug on the job detail
JobDetailFactoryBean jobDetailFactory = new JobDetailFactoryBean();
jobDetailFactory.setJobDataAsMap(Collections.singletonMap(SentryJobListener.SENTRY_SLUG_KEY, "<monitor-slug>"));

// you can also set the monitor slug on the trigger
SimpleTriggerFactoryBean trigger = new SimpleTriggerFactoryBean();
trigger.setJobDataAsMap(Collections.singletonMap(SENTRY_SLUG_KEY, "monitor_slug_simple_trigger"));
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