Most activity within Sentry will generate a workflow notification. You can also configure various personal notifications from your personal notifications settings and any specific project’s settings in the Project Settings page.

By default, these notifications are sent to anyone who is a member of the project the issue occurs in. Still, each member may choose their participation state, as well as opt-in or opt-out of notifications for specific issues. See Unsubscribe below for more details.

Issue States

Sentry provides a few states for each issue, which significantly impacts how notifications work.


  • The default state when an issue is added to the system.


  • An issue is marked as resolved when an individual resolves it by manually changing the state on the issue page UI, submitting a fix, or when the project’s auto-resolve feature is configured. Team members are notified via email. Auto-resolve is located in Project Settings > General Settings.

Event settings sliding toggle for disabling auto resolve.

  • Resolved means the issue has stopped firing events. If another event occurs, the issue reverts to unresolved.


  • When Sentry changes the state of an issue from resolved to unresolved. If a resolved issue begins experiencing more events, it will revert to unresolved. Regressions trigger a workflow alert.
  • Keep in mind; regression emails look very similar to other Notification emails.

Core Notifications


  • A team member is assigned the issue, and they’re notified via email, even if the issue is resolved.

  • Assignment auto subscribes you to workflow notifications.

Workflow notifications subscription buttons. Options include always, only on issues I subscribe to, and never.


  • A team member has not been assigned the issue.


  • A team member adds a new comment to an issue’s Comments thread.


Sentry will automatically digest alerts sent by some services to avoid flooding your inbox with individual issue notifications. To control how frequently notifications are delivered, use the sliders.

  • Minimum delivery interval
  • Maximum delivery interval

Intervals that manipulate timing of digests.

Notification Management

You can also configure various personal notifications from your personal notifications settings and any specific project’s settings in the Project Settings page.

Workflow Notifications

These notifications are triggered based on issue activity. You can set these for all projects, or you can click “Fine-tune workflow notifications by project” to configure this with more granularity.

Dropdown of options for workflow notifications. Options are Default, Always, Only on issues I subscribe to, and Never.

Issue Owners

Issue Owners are located in Project Settings > Issue Owners.

If an issue owner is specified, the email notification will go to the issue owner. If no issue owner is specified, all project members are notified.

Toggles for changing issue owner notifications.

For more details, see full documentation on Issue Owners.


To opt-out of a specific issue’s notifications, click Unsubscribe at the bottom right of the issue’s page.

Unsubscribe button for Notifications.


  • Does assigning a resolved issue trigger a notification email?
    • Yes, you do get an email as long as you have workflow notifications enabled for that project.