Create Alerts

Learn how to create alerts that keep you informed about errors and performance issues in your application.

The minimum role required to create alerts is member. Sentry users with manager or owner permissions can change the minimum role requirement in Settings > General Settings > Let Members Create and Edit Alerts.

To create alerts:

  1. Navigate to Alerts and click "Create Alert Rule".

  2. Choose what you want to be alerted about. Selecting “Issues” creates an issue alert, while selecting any other option creates a metric alert.

    Choice between alerts about Errors, Sessions, Performance, or a Custom Metric

  3. Click "Set Conditions".

  4. On the alert configuration page, set the conditions of the alert:

You can also create an alert by duplicating an existing issue or metric alert rule. To do so, navigate to Alerts and click "Duplicate" in the context menu (under "Actions") on the row with the alert rule you want to copy:

Expanded alert list row context menu

Issue alerts are limited to 100 alerts with "slow" conditions, and 500 alerts with "fast" conditions. A "slow" condition is a change or percent based alert. These take more processing time than the "fast" conditions, which are related to issue state changes.

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