Personal Notification Settings

You can update your personal notification settings for things like workflow, deploy, issue alert, and spike protection by turning them on or off, specifying how you'd like to be notified (via email, Slack, or both), and more. Users who aren't on an Enterprise plan can also configure their quota notifications.

Issue alert notification page

To make updates, go to your user settings, select "Notifications", then click on the notification type you want to update.

Issue alert notification detail page

You receive workflow notifications once you’ve subscribed to an issue in one of the ways described below:

  • By clicking the subscribe "bell icon" on an issue
  • By taking part in a commit that's related to the issue
  • By commenting on or bookmarking the issue
  • By archiving an issue until it escalates
  • If you or your team is mentioned in the issue
  • If you or your team is assigned to the issue

These notifications may have some overlap with alerts that are configured for a project.

Here's a list of all the personal notification types you can update:

  • Issue Alerts: Notifications sent from alert rules that your team's set up. (You'll still get any notifications that have been set up to be sent directly to you.)
  • Issue Workflow: Changes in issue assignment, resolution status, and comments.
  • Deploys: Release, environment, and commit overviews.
  • Nudges: Notifications that require review or approval.
  • Quota: Error, transaction, and attachment quota limits.
  • Weekly Reports: A summary of the past week for an organization.
  • Email Routing: Changes to the email address that receives notifications.
  • Spike Protection: Notifications about spikes on a per project basis.
  • My Own Activity: Notifications about your own actions on Sentry.
  • Resolve and Auto-Assign: When you resolve an unassigned issue, we'll auto-assign it to you.
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