Notifications in Sentry can be routed to many supported integrations, but by default are aimed at email. Notifications fall into two categories:


Generated based upon a project’s alert rules. By default this is only when a new issue is seen. Learn more.


All activity related to user actions such as resolution, comments, and automatic regressions. Learn more.

Each category has its own set of configuration and subscription options. By default you’ll be subscribed to everything, but this can be changed via your account settings. Read about notification management for more information.

Issue States

Sentry provides a few states for each issue, which greatly impact how notifications work:


The default state when an issue is added to the system.


An issue is marked as resolved when an individual resolves it or when the project’s auto resolve feature is configured.


Regardless of alert rules, new events in ignored issues will not send alerts. (In addition, by default, ignored events are hidden in your project’s issue stream. Search the issue stream for is:ignored to find them.)

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