The global Slack integration creates workflows for your team. Now you can triage, resolve, and ignore Sentry issues directly from Slack.

Configure Slack

  1. In Sentry, navigate to Organization Settings > Integrations.

  2. At the top of the page, you’ll see the available Global Integrations list, which includes Slack. Click Install to integrate Sentry with your Slack workspace(s).

  3. Click Add workspace.

  1. After you’ve connected to the correct workspace, click Continue.

  2. On the next page, you can choose the scope of channels you’d like Sentry to access. You can specify all public channels or choose specific channels. Then click Install.

  3. Your Organization Integrations page will refresh and show the Slack workspace you just added.

    You’ll also see the Sentry app join the Slack channels you specified right away.

Now your Slack integration is available to all projects in your Sentry organization. See the next section to configure your notification settings.

Configure Alert Rules

  1. Confirm your Slack workspace is configured globally for your Sentry organization by navigating to Organization Settings > Integrations.

  2. Click Configure and you’ll see the available Slack workspaces for your project. From this page, you can click on Add Alert Rule for this project to go directly to your Alert Rule settings.

    You can also access Alerts from your Project Settings. From here, you can configure when notifications are sent to your Slack workspace(s).

  1. Click New Alert Rule to configure a new Alert.

    For any existing Alert Rules, you can edit the rule to update the Slack channel routing. When you click Edit Rule, under Take these actions you can specify your Slack channel(s):

    After selecting Send a notification to the {workspace} Slack workspace to {channel} and include tags {tags}, you can specify the workspace, channel(s), and tags you’d like to include with your Alert Rule.

    You can add Alert Rules routing to as many Slack channels as you’d like.

  2. Then once you receive a Slack notification, you can use the Resolve, Ignore, or Assign buttons to update the Issue in Sentry.

Deleting the legacy Slack integration

Once you configure the global Slack integration and Alert Rules, you can disable the old Slack integration. You’ll need to go to each project that has it enabled and disable it. We recommend disabling the legacy integration after setting up the global integration.