Microsoft Teams

Learn more about Sentry's Microsoft Teams integration and how you can get alerts that let you triage issues directly in your Teams channels.

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork in Office 365. Keep all your team's chats, meetings, files, and apps together in one place. Get alerts that let you assign, archive, and resolve issues right in your Teams channels with the Sentry integration for Microsoft Teams.

Set this integration up once per organization, then it's available for all projects.

Sentry owner, manager, or admin permissions are required to install this integration.

  1. Visit the Microsoft Teams App Store

  2. Click the arrow to the right of "Add" to bring up the "Add to Team" button and pick the Team you want for the integration.

    Microsoft Teams installation modal

  1. You should see a welcome message in the "General" channel within a few seconds. The welcome message will always appear in the "General" channel, even if you intend to use the integration in another channel. Click "Complete Setup".

    Welcome to Microsoft Teams message

The integration should be installed at this point.

Use Microsoft Teams for alerts regarding issues, environments, deployment, etc.

If Microsoft Teams is not appearing as an option in issue alert actions, re-install the integration using "Add to team".

Set up an alert rule by going to Alerts and clicking "Create Alert". From here, you can configure alerts to route notifications to your Microsoft Team's channels.

In issue alerts, select "Send a Microsoft Teams notification" in the actions dropdown and then select your team and channel:

Microsoft Teams alert rule action

In metric alerts, select the Microsoft Teams option in the dropdown that corresponds to your team and then enter the username or channel:

Microsoft Teams metric alert rule action

Once you receive a Microsoft Teams notification, you can use the "Resolve", "Archive", or "Assign" buttons to update the Issue in Sentry.

Sentry issue status buttons in Microsoft Teams alert

The first time you try to interact with a notification, you will get a message from the Sentry bot asking you to link your identity. Click "Link Identities" to complete this step. Until you do this, you can't interact with messages.

Link Microsoft Teams identity to Sentry

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