Health Checks

Sentry provides several ways to monitor the system status. This may be as simple as “is the backend serving requests” to more in-depth and gauging potential configuration problems. In some cases these checks will be exposed in the UI though generally only to superusers.

The following endpoint is exposed to aid in automated reporting:

Generally this is most useful if you’re using it as a health check in something like HAProxy.

In HAProxy, you could add this to your config:

option httpchk /_health/

That said, we also expose additional checks via the same endpoint by passing ?full:

$ curl -i
Content-Type: application/json

  "problems":  [
    "Background workers haven't checked in recently. This can mean an issue
 with your configuration or a serious backlog in tasks."

Queue Monitoring

The health of Sentry relies very heavily on passing messages through our queue and if the queue is backlogged, we will notify you through a message in the UI if you are a superuser.

To monitor the health actively with an external tool such as collectd or Diamond, Sentry provides a CLI tool that returns machine parsable output.

$ sentry queues list
alerts 0
auth 0
cleanup 0
counters-0 0
default 0 0
digests.scheduling 0
email 0
events 34
merge 0
options 0
search 0
triggers-0 0
update 0
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