sentry cleanup

Delete a portion of trailing data based on creation date.

All data that is older than –days will be deleted. The default for this is 30 days. In the default setting all projects will be truncated but if you have a specific project you want to limit this to this can be done with the –project flag which accepts a project ID or a string with the form org/project where both are slugs.


  • --days INTEGER: Numbers of days to truncate on. [default: 30]
  • --project TEXT: Limit truncation to only entries from project.
  • --concurrency INTEGER: The total number of concurrent threads to run across processes. [default: 1]
  • --max_procs INTEGER: The maximum number of processes to fork off for concurrency. [default: 8]
  • -q, --silent: Run quietly. No output on success.
  • -r, --router TEXT: Database router
  • -t, --timed: Send the duration of this command to internal metrics.
  • -l, --loglevel [DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR|CRITICAL|FATAL]: Global logging level. Use wisely.
  • --logformat [human|machine]: Log line format.
  • --help: print this help page.
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