Rage Click Issues

If you've enabled Session Replay, you'll be able to see rage click issues on the Issues page in Sentry. Rage clicks are a series of consecutive clicks on the same unresponsive element. They are a sure sign of user frustration and most likely deserve your attention.

Rage click issue

In order to see rage clicks in your issue stream on the Issues page, your organization needs to:

  • Be sending session replay events
  • Enable the JavaScript SDK (or framework-specific bundle), version 7.60.1 or higher

To set up alerts and get notified when a rage click occurs, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Alert Rule in Sentry.
  2. In the "Set conditions" section, set the "IF" filter to "The issue's category is equal to", then choose "Replay" from the dropdown.
  3. Add an optional filter if you like.
  4. Choose the action to be performed in the "THEN" dropdown.
  5. Decide how often you'd like Sentry to look for rage click issues.
  6. Lastly, name your alert and add an owner.

If you don't want to see rage click issues, you can disable them by going to the Settings page in Sentry, clicking "Projects", and selecting the project for which you want to disable rage clicks. From here, select "Replays" under the "PROCESSING" heading and toggle off "Create Rage Click Issues".

Turning off rage click issues

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