Replay Issues

Learn more about which replay issues Sentry detects.

If you've enabled Session Replay, you'll be able to see new issue types on the Issues page in Sentry.

Replay issues do not consume error quota.

When a replay is created it consumes replay quota (not to be confused with error quota). As the replay is being processed by the server Sentry detects the replay issue types listed below and groups those into issues. These errors are created on the backend after ingest and do not consume error quota. They will not appear on your stats page under the "Total Errors" or "Accepted Errors" graphs. You are not billed for their volume.

  • Rage clicks are a series of consecutive clicks on the same unresponsive page element. They are a strong signal of user frustration and most likely deserve your attention.

  • Hydration errors are a React-specific problem that happen when the initial UI does not match what was rendered on the server. They can result in a slower pageload experience for users.

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