Triage, resolve, and ignore Sentry issues directly from Slack.

This integration needs to set up only once per organization, then it is available for all projects.


Slack defaults to let any workspace member authorize apps, but they may have to request access. See this Slack help article for more details.

  1. In Sentry, navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  2. When you enter the page, the integrations list displays, which includes Slack. Use the search bar to filter quickly for the Slack integration. Click "Slack" to navigate to the details page for this integration.

    slack integration directory

  3. Click "Add Workspace".

    slack overview details page

  4. Toggle to the Slack workspace to which you want to connect using the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the authentication window, then select Allow. Repeat this process if you are connecting to multiple workspaces.

    slack allow install

  5. Your integration details page will refresh and show the Slack workspace you just added.

    slack install success

Your Slack integration is now available to all projects in your Sentry organization. To enable Slack notification for private channels, add the Slack app to the channel. One quick method: use @sentry to invite the Sentry bot the Slack channel.

In the next section, we'll walk you through configuring your notification settings.


Use Slack for notifications and alerts regarding issues, environments, deployment, etc.

Personal Notifications

You can receive personal workflow, deploy, and issue alert notifications from our Slack integration. Manage your personal notification settings by navigating to User Settings > Notifications.

Linking Your Slack and Sentry Accounts

In order to receive personal notifications from our Slack integration, your Slack identity must be linked with your Sentry account. This can be done by typing /sentry link in Slack.

Team Notifications

You can receive team alert notifications from our Slack integration. To enable this feature, type /sentry link team in the desired Slack channel. To view a team's associated Slack channel in, navigate to Settings > Teams > [Team] > Notifications.

Alert Rules

  1. Confirm your Slack workspace is configured globally for your Sentry organization by navigating to Organization Settings > Integrations. Click on "Configuration(s)" to go to the configuration details page.

    slack directory installed

  2. Select the Slack workspace to configure from the list, then click "Configure".

    slack install success

  3. Click "Add Alert Rule" for this project to navigate to Alert Rule settings.

    slack project configuration

    You can also access Alerts from your Project Settings. From here, you can configure when notifications are sent to your Slack workspace(s).

    You can route notifications in a few ways: to a specific channel in your Slack workspace, to multiple channels in your Slack workspace, or to multiple Slack workspaces.

  4. Click "New Alert Rule" to configure a new Alert.

    slack alert rules

    Update the Slack channel routing by for existing Alert Rules by choosing Slack as the action under Perform these actions:

    slack alert rule edit

    After selecting Send a Slack notification, specify the workspace, channel(s), and tags you’d like to include with your Alert Rule.

    slack alert rule edit channels

    You can add Alert Rules routing to as many Slack channels as you’d like.

  5. Then once you receive a Slack notification, you can use the Resolve, Ignore, or Assign buttons to update the Issue in Sentry.

    slack alert message


Rate Limiting Error

If you're attempting to save a Slack alert rule and are receiving the following error: "Requests to slack were rate limited. Please try again later.", you may enter in the channel or user ID in addition to the channel name.

To find a channel's ID in Slack click the name of the channel at the top of the application and the channel ID will be shown at the bottom of the pop up. To find a user's ID click on their avatar >> "View full profile" >> ... >> "Copy member ID".

Can't Add Alert Rule to Channel

If you receive an error “The slack resource example-channel does not exist or has not been granted access in the example-workspace Slack workspace” while trying to add an alert rule, we recommend checking whether our app is installed in the channel. In Slack, right click on your channel's name from the left bar and select "Open channel settings". Then click on the "Integrations" tab; the Sentry app should be listed under "Apps".

Deleting the legacy project-based Slack integration

We recommend disabling the legacy project-based integration after setting up the global integration.

Once you configure the global Slack integration and alert rules, you can disable the old project-based Slack integration. Go to each project that has the old project-based Slack enabled and disable it.

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