Error Monitoring

  • Inbound Filters

    Filter data in your project.
  • Issue Ownership Rules

    Rules for Issue Ownership help you decide which user or team should own an issue, resembling a typical code owners file in a repository. Learn how to automatically assign issues to their respective owners, or alert the owners about the issue, allowing you to find the developer with the most context about a fix.
  • Using Breadcrumbs

    If an error event provides a trail, Sentry will display that trail in a form of breadcrumbs. Learn more about the information that displays on the Issue Details page and how you can filter it to help resolve issues.
  • Dashboards

    Sentry's Dashboards help you gain detailed perspectives of your application's health by providing filtering tools to navigate your issues across multiple projects in a single view. Dashboards are available if you're on a Business plan or a Trial.
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