Sentry's React Native SDK works out of the box with Expo applications. To see readable stack traces in the product, you must upload source maps to Sentry. This guide explains how to upload source maps for Expo applications.

To upload source maps, the Sentry Expo Plugin and the Sentry Metro Plugin need to be added to the Expo application.

To ensure bundles and source maps are automatically uploaded during the local and EAS native applications builds, add the @sentry/react-native/expo config plugin to the Expo application configuration:

  "expo": {
    "plugins": [
          "url": "https://sentry.io/",
          "note": "Use SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN env to authenticate with Sentry.",
          "project": "example-project",
          "organization": "example-org"

Add auth token to your environment:


To ensure unique Debug IDs are assigned to the generated bundles and source maps, add the Sentry Metro Plugin to the configuration:

// const { getDefaultConfig } = require("expo/metro-config");
const { getSentryExpoConfig } = require("@sentry/react-native/metro");

// const config = getDefaultConfig(__dirname);
const config = getSentryExpoConfig(__dirname);

module.exports = config;

When the Sentry Expo Plugin @sentry/react-native/expo and the Sentry Metro Pugin are added to your application configuration, source maps for the native builds are uploaded automatically during EAS Builds and when building the native application release locally using npx expo prebuild.

To upload source maps for EAS Updates and npx expo export, set up the Sentry Expo Plugin, the Sentry Metro plugin and execute the sentry-expo-upload-sourcemaps command.

To create an update for the application use the following command:

# npx expo export --dump-sourcemap
eas update

To upload source maps for all platforms use the following command:

SENTRY_PROJECT=example-project \
SENTRY_ORG=example-org \
npx sentry-expo-upload-sourcemaps dist

  • dist is the default output directory of eas update.
  • Uploaded source maps have no associated releases. This is expected as updates can apply to multiple releases.

For a guide on how to manually upload source maps for Expo application releases, see the Expo (Advanced) source maps docs.

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