Source Maps

When there is an issue with source maps on your event, there will usually be an error dialog at the top of the Issue Details page in

There was 1 problem processing this event: Source code was not found

Common fixes to this issue include:

  • Checking that both the release and dist and are set on the event by setting it in the call to init.
  • Checking that source maps are correctly uploaded with the exact same release and dist values as the event. They must match for source maps to upload correctly.
  • If you set a custom release and dist, confirming that you manually uploaded the sourcemaps since our automatic source map upload script will not detect the custom values.
  • Checking that you are not disabling the RewriteFrames default integration by overwriting it, filtering it out, or setting defaultIntegrations: false.

For more details, please read the guide on React Native source maps.

Source Maps with Hermes on Android

You will need to perform some extra steps when using the source maps with the Hermes engine on Android. You can follow the guide here.

iOS Build Script Failed

Try passing --force_foreground to the Sentry CLI command in the build script. This is possibly a bug with our CLI that we are investigating.

# ...
../node_modules/@sentry/cli/bin/sentry-cli react-native xcode \
  ../node_modules/react-native/scripts/ --force_foreground

Release Health

  • If your release health statistics are being attributed to the wrong release, confirm that you pass the release and dist to the init call.
  • If you are using Code Push, check that you are not using setRelease and setDist as they will break release health. You can read more on the CodePush guide.
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