Migrating Version 5.x to 6.0

Learn about migrating from version 5.x to 6.0.0

  • Kotlin plugin is upgraded to 1.5.

  • Kotlin languageVersion is upgraded to 1.4.

  • Gson is removed as a transitive dependency and vendored in the SDK.

    • Protocol classes now implement the JsonSerializable and JsonDeserializer interfaces.
  • Spring Boot has been upgraded to 2.5.13

  • SentryOptions#shutdownTimeout is renamed to shutdownTimeoutMillis.

  • Removed @Deprecated and @ApiStatus.ScheduledForRemoval methods

    • ITransaction#setRequest
    • ITransaction#getRequest
    • ITransaction#getContexts
    • SentryBaseEvent#getOriginThrowable
    • SentryOptions#getCacheDirSize
    • SentryOptions#setCacheDirSize
    • SentryOptions#isEnableSessionTracking
    • SentryOptions#setEnableSessionTracking
    • sentry.enable-tracing property
    • SentrySpringRequestListener, SentrySpringFilter is used instead.
    • SentryUserProviderEventProcessor, please use SentryUserProvider instead.
  • SentryOptions#enableScopeSync is now enabled by default.

  • ISpan now has higher precision using the System#nanoTime instead of milliseconds.

  • TransactionNameProvider is now an interface and SpringMvcTransactionNameProvider is the default implementation.

  • Hints changed its type from Object to io.sentry.Hint


Sentry.captureException(RuntimeException("exception"), "myStringHint")


val hints = mutableMapOf<String, Any>("myHint" to "myStringHint")
Sentry.captureException(RuntimeException("exception"), hints)

  • Starting with version 6.0.0 of sentry, Sentry's version >= v21.9.0 is required or you have to manually disable sending client reports via the sendClientReports option. This only applies to self-hosted Sentry. If you are using sentry.io, no action is needed.

There are more changes and refactors, but they are not user breaking changes.

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