Migrating Version 4.3 to 5.0

Learn about migrating from version 4.3.0 to 5.0.0

Sentry#startTransaction by default does not bind created transaction to the scope. To start transaction with binding to the scope, use one of the new overloaded startTransaction methods taking bindToScope parameter and set it to true. Bound transaction can be retrieved with Sentry#getSpan.

All SDK methods have been annotated with JetBrains Annotations: @Nullable and @NotNull. Kotlin compiler respects these annotations and as a result, in Kotlin code, some fields that were recognized as not-null, are now nullable, and the other way around.

SentryBaseEvent#getOriginThrowable has been deprecated in favor of SentryBaseEvent#getThrowable, and SentryBaseEvent#getThrowable now returns the unwrapped throwable.

The ShutdownHookIntegration now flushes the SDK instead of closing it.

SentryOptions#getCacheDirSize has been deprecated in favor of SentryOptions#getMaxCacheItems.

InvalidDsnException has been removed. It is replaced by IllegalArgumentException.

EventProcessor interface has a new default method which could break the instantiation when using trailing lambdas.


SentryOptions#addEventProcessor { event, _ -> event }


SentryOptions#addEventProcessor(object : EventProcessor {
    override fun process(event: SentryEvent, hint: Hint): SentryEvent? {
        return event

The property sentry.enable-tracing is deprecated. To enable tracing simply set sentry.traces-sample-rate or create a bean implementing TracesSamplerCallback.

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