Build Issues

Package Conflict - Conflict with Sentry.DiagnosticsSource

The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties:
and Sentry.SentryOptionsDiagnosticExtensions.DisableDiagnosticSourceIntegration(Sentry.SentryOptions)

The above error means that the version of the Sentry package you are using already contains the DiagnosticSource integration within itself, but you additionally installed Sentry.DiagnosticSource, which is only relevant for older framework versions.

To resolve this problem, remove the package reference to Sentry.DiagnosticSource.

Missing Definition

SentryOptions does not contain a definition for AddDiagnosticSourceIntegration.

The above error could have two meanings:

  • You're using an outdated SDK (3.8.3 or older).

  • Your project already includes the integration automatically. You can validate it by observing the debug information from Sentry SDK. Enable it through the options.

Your debug window will have following messages:

Debug: Logging enabled with ConsoleDiagnosticLogger and min level: Debug
Debug: Initializing Hub for Dsn: ''.
Debug: Using 'GzipBufferedRequestBodyHandler' body compression strategy with level Optimal.
Debug: New scope pushed.
Debug: Registering integration: 'AutoSessionTrackingIntegration'.
Debug: Registering integration: 'AppDomainUnhandledExceptionIntegration'.
Debug: Registering integration: 'AppDomainProcessExitIntegration'.
Debug: Registering integration: 'TaskUnobservedTaskExceptionIntegration'.
Debug: Registering integration: 'SentryDiagnosticListenerIntegration'.

If the debug file contains information about SentryDiagnosticListenerIntegration, then your project already includes the integration automatically.

Implicit Usings

From version 3.14.0, Sentry will respect Implicit Usings. This means is Implicit Usings is enabled (<ImplicitUsings>enable</ImplicitUsings> or <ImplicitUsings>true</ImplicitUsings>) then Sentry will be added to the current global using directives. This means that using Sentry; can be omitted from any .cs files.

In some scenarios Implicit Usings can result in type name conflicts. For example Session may exist in multiple namespaces. This can be resolved by fully qualifying the type inline (Sentry.Session), or with a using alias:

using SentrySession = Sentry.Session;

Then SentrySession can be used instead of SentrySession.

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