Breaking changes

Please read through all breaking changes relevant to you before upgrading.

!Important: Grouping Changes

The format of the stack traces were greatly improved with the help of Ben Adam's iconic library Ben.Demystifier. Frames now include details such as async, static, the actual return type, method parameters, tuples and their names, and more.

One big caveat is that this will affect grouping!. If you prefer to stay with the original stack trace format, you can opt-out of this feature with:

options.StackTraceMode = StackTraceMode.Original;

Namespace change

Classes under Sentry.Protocol were moved to the root namespace Sentry. All except Context classes like App, Device, etc.


ASP.NET (not Core) users need to install an additional package:


Without this, HTTP related information will not be added to events.

You can plug it in to the Init as follows:

SentrySdk.Init(o =>

The motivation was to remove the reference to System.Web to decouple the core of the package with any specific namespaces of the .NET Framework, which improves the experience from other environments such as game engines like Unity and Godot.

ASP.NET Core Environment Casing

To match Sentry's default environment naming convention, unless explicitly set otherwise, the Sentry environment will be reported lowercase. That means if ASPNET_ENVIRONMENT is equal to Production, the Sentry SDK will report it as production.

IHub and ISentryClient received new methods

Sentry's Performance product requires additive API changes to interfaces such as IHub and ISentryClient. If you implement your own IHub, you'll need to implement two new methods:

ISentryClient received: CaptureTransaction. IHub received: StartTransaction and GetTraceHeader.

DiagnosticsLogger renamed to DiagnosticLogger

To align with other SDKs, the option is now named: DiagnosticLogger Docs PR.

Dsn is just a string

SentryOptions now take a string for Dsn:

Before: o.Dsn = new Dsn(".."); After: o.Dsn = "..";

LogEntry became Message

The property of SentryEvent that supports a structured log entry was renamed to Message to align with the protocol and other SDKs.

Sentry On Premise Support

This version uses the envelope endpoint. If you are using an on-premise installation it requires Sentry version >= v20.6.0 to work. If you are using sentry.io nothing will change and no action is needed.

New features and improvements

Offline Caching

You can optionally have events cached to disk. To do that, you must specify which directory the SDK can use to write the crash files:

options.CacheDirectoryPath = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData))


You can add attachments to events now. Please refer to the Attachments documentation.

User Feedback

You can add user feedback to events via a .NET API. Please refer to the User Feedback documentation.

ASP.NET Core gRPC support

A new package was added ASP.NET Core gPRC support. With the ability to log the request payload in case of errors.

Release notes

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