SDK Interface

An interface which describes the Sentry SDK and its configuration used to capture and transmit the event.


Required. The name of the SDK. Its format is sentry.ecosystem[.flavor] where the flavor is optional and should only be set if it has its own SDK.


Required. The semantic version of the SDK. The version should always be sent without a v prefix.


Optional. A list of integrations with the platform or a framework that was explicitly activated by the user. This does not include default integrations.


Optional. A list of packages that were installed as part of this SDK or the activated integrations. Each package consists of a name in the format source:identifier and a semver version. If the source is a git repository, a checkout link and git reference (branch, tag or SHA) should be used.


"sdk": {
  "name": "sentry.javscript.react-native",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "integrations": [
  "packages": [
      "name": "npm:@sentry/react-native",
      "version": "0.39.0"
      "name": "git:",
      "version": "4.1.0"

(New in version Sentry: 8.4)

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