How to Write - Data Management

The Data Management section of the content covers how customers can manage the data sent to Sentry using the SDK. We provide a parallel section in product, which focuses on the settings in a user can user to control data. A new framework can adopt the common content, which is stored in /docs/platforms/<SDK>/common/data-management - feel free to peruse the files in that directory to answer any questions.

Most of these pages are pretty self-evident, so only basic information is provided. But please ask questions if any questions arise by opening an issue on GitHub.

Determine if the page applies:

  • If the content does not apply, add the guide to notSupported list in the frontmatter of the file. This will turn off the display of the content for this guide.
  • If the content does apply, add the include file to the correct directory as noted for each page. If the code sample is not provided, the page will display a big gray box requesting customers open an issue for the missing sample.

This file is /sensitive-data/index.mdx. It explains how to scrub or filter data within the SDK, so it's not sent with an event.

For data scrubbing that the guide DOES NOT support, add the name of the guide to the PlatformSection notSupported statement, which ensures the content won't display. For example:

<PlatformSection notSupported={["javascript.react"]}>

Add the code sample to these directories:

  • /src/platform-includes/configuration/before-send
  • /src/platform-includes/sensitive-data/set-tag
  • /src/platform-includes/sensitive-data/set-user

This file is /sensitive-data/debug-files.mdx. It explains how to debug information files work for Sentry.

For specific controls that the guide supports, add the name of the guide to the PlatformSection supported statement, which ensures the content displays.

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