Development Environment

Our setup script assumes you have Volta and pre-commit installed.

If you prefer not to use Volta, make sure you're using Node 18.

Run our setup script to get started:

# Install Homebrew and everything mentioned above
# Clone the sentry-docs repo, and then navigate into the cloned files

Once you have the required system dependencies:

# Install or update application dependencies

Now run the development webserver:

yarn start

You will now be able to access docs via http://localhost:3000.


A few linters are available. Run yarn lint to apply them all.

Some lints can be autofixed with eslint

yarn lint:eslint:fix

Additionally we use prettier to format our code and markdown. Run prettier if you get linting errors in CI:

yarn lint:prettier:fix

Faster builds

To disable image thumbnail generation, set DISABLE_THUMBNAILS=1 before running yarn start or yarn build. Images will not work while in this mode, but builds will be significantly faster.

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