Common Content

Our docs strive for a contributor-friendly balance of duplication vs. complexity. That means we generally don't try to share content between SDKs in our docs, even when they have similar information architecture, sections, and even wording. Instead of enforcing consistency through shared content, we encourage contributors to reference other SDK docs to keep things consistent wherever possible.

For SDKs that have framework-specific docs (which we call guides or children), common content for that SDK's frameworks lives in /docs/platforms/<platform_name>/common/.

What displays for the user relies upon the hierarchy of content as detailed in our content discussing Platforms & Guides. In short, a guide's content displays if provided. If not provided, then the platform content displays.

To ensure that common content can scale as we support more platforms and frameworks, we use include files. These files can range from, most typically, a code sample specific to a platform or framework to information that augments the core content for a specific platform or framework. These platform-specific include files live in plaftorm-includes/. We also have platform-agnostic include files which are discussed in our product docs.

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