Release Properties

Learn more about searchable release properties.

In Releases, you can only search by the following properties:

However, these properties are also searchable in the other pages of listed above (under Event Properties).

Below is a list of keys and tokens that can be used in the release search.

A release is a version of your code deployed to an environment. You can create a token with an exact match of the version of a release, or release:latest to pick the most recent release.

  • Type: string

The number that identifies an iteration of your app. For example, CFBundleVersion on iOS or versionCode on Android. Learn more.

  • Type: number

The unique identifier of the project/app. For example, CFBundleIdentifier on iOS or packageName on Android. Learn more.

  • Type: string

The usage your release is seeing relative to other releases. Values can be adopted, low, or replaced. Learn more.

  • Type: string

A shorter version of the name; name without the package or short version of the hash. Learn more.

  • Type: string
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