Sorting & Filtering

Learn how to sort and filter releases.

On the Releases page, you can use the "Sort By" dropdown to sort releases by:

Search on the Releases page supports both raw text and query syntax, and you can search using the following properties:

  • release - Search based on string comparison.
  • release.stage - Search releases with matching adoption stage. Can be adopted, low_adoption, or replaced. Learn more about release adoption stages.

If you are using our semantic versioning format, you can use the following query tokens:

  • release.package - Search releases with matching package names.
  • release.version - Search releases with matching semantic version. Supports ranges and wildcards (for example, release.version:>7.8 or release.version:1.2.*).
  • - Search releases with matching build numbers.

Learn more about search queries in our full Search documentation.

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