Create a Sentry Project

This section walks you through how to create a new project in your Sentry account. You need to have a project set up in Sentry in order to capture errors and other events.

Projects allow you to scope events to a distinct application in your organization and assign responsibility to specific users and teams. You can create a project for a particular language or framework used in your application. For example, you might have separate projects for your API server and frontend client. For more information, see best practices for creating projects.

Follow the steps below to create a new Sentry project for a sample React application:

  1. Log in to your Sentry organization.

  2. Select Projects from the left side navigation menu to display the list of all your projects.

  3. Click "Create Project" and configure it as appropriate for your application:

    • Choose your platform: Select the language or framework for your project based on the code you wish to monitor. In this case, choose React.

    • Set your alert frequency: For the purpose of this tutorial, select Alert me on every new issue.

      If you're wary of alert fatigue, learn more about how to set up your alerts in Alerts Best Practices.

    • Name your project and assign it a team: Name your project in the Project name field and assign a team by selecting one in the Team dropdown (or click + to create a new team).

    • Click Create Project. This takes you to the quick Configure React SDK guide, which provides an overview of how to configure the SDK. This tutorial covers the SDK setup in more detail.

  4. Copy the DSN key and keep it handy. Each project has a unique DSN (Data Source Name). The DSN tells the SDK where to send events, so events are associated with the right project. You'll need to paste the DSN key into your source code later so the errors generated in this tutorial go to your new project.

    You can also find a project's DSN anytime in [Project] > Settings > Client Keys (DSN).

  5. Click Take me to Issues to go to your new project's Issues page.

The animated gif below walks through how to create a new project in the UI.

Now that you have a Sentry project set up, you can Add the Sentry SDK to Your Project.

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