Alerts and Notifications

Sentry’s alert notifications give real-time visibility into errors happening in your code and the impact they are having on your users regardless of where your code is deployed. They explain why you’re being notified and uncover meaningful and customizable information about the error and its context. In addition, Sentry will also notify your project team members about various workflow activities.

Alert Notifications

When you create a new project in Sentry, a default alert rule populates within the project's Alerts view. The default alert notifies all project team members any time an error is first encountered (for example, when a new issue is created) in this project. This notification is sent via email and any other Legacy Integration services you might have enabled.

Default Alert

Getting notified once when an error is first seen is generally useful for catching new errors in real-time, but will not notify you about subsequent instances of the same errors. This means that with only the default alert rule in place, you might be losing visibility into critical issues building up in your code.

For tighter control over the alerts you're receiving, create custom alert rules in your project settings.

Workflow Notifications

Various workflow related activities within Sentry will generate a workflow notification to the relevant team members via email. Core workflow notifications include:

  • Issue Resolved - When a new issue is spotted in your code, it's marked with an unresolved state. The state changes to resolved when a project team member resolves it (either by manually changing its state in the UI or by submitting a fix) or when the project’s auto-resolve feature is configured. Once the state changes to resolved, an email is sent to all project team members.

    Workflow Issue Resolved Alert

  • Regressions – A regression happens when the state of an issue changes from resolved back to unresolved. An email is sent to all project team members.

    Workflow Issue Regression Alert

  • Comments - when a team member adds a new comment to an issue's Comments thread.

  • Assignment - when a team member is assigned to an issue, they are notified via email.

    Workflow Assignment Alert

For more information, take a look at the Notifications documentation.


Creating Custom Alert Notifications

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