Set Up

If you're a user of both Codecov and Sentry, you can enable the Codecov integration with 1 click in your Organization Settings page in the Sentry app. You'll be able to see whether you have partial or full test coverage for the line of code that's causing an error, directly in your stack trace in Sentry.

There are a few prerequisites that have to be fulfilled in order for Codecov to work in Sentry. You have to have:

  • Owner or manager-level permissions in

  • The GitHub Integration installed in Sentry with Code Mappings enabled.

    If you have the GitHub integration set up correctly, your stack traces will show an “Open this line in GitHub” prompt that will take you to your app's code.

  • A Codecov account with Source Code Coverage enabled.

Once the prerequisites have been met, you can enable Codecov by going to the Settings page in Sentry and toggling “Enable Code Coverage Insights” to on.

Codecov in Org Settings

Sentry automatically checks to see if you have your GitHub Org in Codecov every 24 hours. If Codecov hasn't been enabled and we find that you've met all the prerequisites listed above, we'll turn it on for you.

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