Manage Your Cron Monitors

Learn how to manage the amount of cron monitors you pay for and change your on-demand budget.

All Sentry plans include 1 cron monitor. To activate additional monitors, you need to add pay-as-you-go budget.

Pay-as-you-go budget is only available on paid plans.

To check your monthly pay-as-you-go budget for cron monitors, go to the Organization Settings -> Subscription page. From here, you can also change your budget as needed.

Any new monitors you add will be activated upon creation by default if there's available pay-as-you-go budget. Alternatively, inactive monitors can be manually activated as soon as pay-as-you-go budget becomes available.

Active monitors will remain active across billing periods as long as pay-as-you-go budget is available.

Monitors can be manually deactivated from the Crons page at any time.

All active monitors will be automatically deactivated at the start of a new billing period if your pay-as-you-go budget doesn't cover all of them. If this occurs, you can manually choose which monitors to activate based on your pay-as-you-go budget.

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