Debug Symbols Uploading

Sentry requires debug information files to symbolicate crashes. The Unreal Engine SDK provides an automated upload functionality for those symbol files that rely on the sentry-cli. This is done automatically, so running the sentry-cli manually isn't required. The symbol upload happens during the execution of PostBuildSteps, as specified in the Sentry.uplugin file. The sentry-cli executables for Windows, macOS, and Linux are included as part of the Unreal Engine SDK package.

The automated debug symbols upload is disabled by default and requires configuration. To configure it, navigate to Project Settings > Plugins > Sentry, then enter the Auth Token, Organization Slug, and Project Name. Note, that the Unreal Engine SDK automatically creates a file at the root of your

projectRepresents your service in Sentry and allows you to scope events to a distinct application.
directory to store the configuration. This configuration file should never be made publicly available.

The Unreal Engine debug symbols upload configuration

Manual Upload Using sentry-cli

To upload debug symbols to Sentry manually, run sentry-cli through the command line. You can either use the provided executables from within the package, or follow the sentry-cli documentation to make it available globally. To upload debug symbols run the following command:

sentry-cli --auth-token sntrys_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE debug-files upload --org example-org --project example-project PATH_TO_SYMBOLS
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