Laravel Options

All configuration for Laravel is done in config/sentry.php.

The Laravel integration will create breadcrumbs for certain events occurring in the framework, the capture of this information can be configured using the following options:

'breadcrumbs' => [
    // Capture Laravel logs in breadcrumbs
    'logs' => true,

    // Capture SQL queries in breadcrumbs
    'sql_queries' => true,

    // Capture bindings on SQL queries logged in breadcrumbs
    'sql_bindings' => true,

    // Capture queue job information in breadcrumbs
    'queue_info' => true,

    // Capture command information in breadcrumbs
    'command_info' => true,


To enable performance monitoring, set this to a value greater than 0.0:

// Be sure to lower this in production to prevent quota issues
'traces_sample_rate' => 1.0,

Controller base namespace

Performance monitoring and router breadcrumbs can report the controller classname that handled the request.

These names are generally longer than needed, that's why we strip away the base namespace that is the same for all controller classes.

In Laravel this is App\Http\Controllers by default but you can override this using the controllers_base_namespace option:

'controllers_base_namespace' => env('SENTRY_CONTROLLERS_BASE_NAMESPACE', 'App\\Http\\Controllers'),
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