Debug Information

To allow Sentry to fully process native crashes and provide you with symbolicated stack traces, you need to upload Debug Information Files (sometimes also referred to as Debug Symbols or just Symbols). We recommend uploading debug information during your build or release process.

For all libraries where you'd like to receive symbolication, you need to provide debug information. This includes dependencies and operating system libraries. If you are not sure which files are required, go to Project Settings > Processing Issues, which shows a list of all the necessary files and instructions to retrieve them.

For WASM, you need to provide both the debug information and the original code in the same debug information file. To do this, we provide a custom tool called wasm-split that can do the splitting for you:

wasm-split /path/to/file.wasm -d /path/to/file.debug.wasm --strip

This command modifies the file.wasm in place to add the build_id, then removes all debug information. The debug information is put in a file.debug.wasm which then needs to be uploaded to Sentry.

For more information on uploading debug information and their supported formats, see Debug Information Files.

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