Offline Caching

Learn how to cache Sentry events while being offline.

If your JavaScript application is designed to continue working offline, dropping events when no connection is available and missing offline events, could mean you're missing important information.

To enable offline events caching, use makeBrowserOfflineTransport to wrap existing transports and queue events using the browsers' IndexedDB storage. Once your application comes back online, all events will be sent together.

import * as Sentry from "@sentry/browser";

  dsn: "",
  transport: Sentry.makeBrowserOfflineTransport(Sentry.makeFetchTransport)
  transportOptions: {
    // see below

Here are a few optional properties you can add to transportOptions:

   * Name of IndexedDb database to store events
   * Default: 'sentry-offline'
  dbName: string;
   * Name of IndexedDb object store to store events
   * Default: 'queue'
  storeName: string;
   * Maximum number of events to store
   * Default: 30
  maxQueueSize: number;
   * Flush the store shortly after startup.
   * Default: false
  flushAtStartup: boolean;
   * Called before an event is stored.
   * Return false to drop the envelope rather than store it.
   * @param envelope The envelope that failed to send.
   * @param error The error that occurred.
   * @param retryDelay The current retry delay in milliseconds.
  shouldStore: (envelope: Envelope, error: Error, retryDelay: number) => boolean | Promise<boolean>;

Offline caching is not supported in IE due to a lack of IndexedDB features.

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