Event Level

The level - similar to logging levels - is generally added by default by the SDK. You can either provide a dedicated level directly in captureMessage, or configure a level on the scope in order to apply it to all events.

To set the level out of scope, you can call captureMessage() per event:

Sentry.captureMessage("this is a debug message", "debug");

Available levels are "fatal", "error", "warning", "log", "info", and "debug".

To set the level within scope, you can call setLevel():


or per event:

Sentry.withScope(function (scope) {

  // The exception has the event level set by the scope (info).
  Sentry.captureException(new Error("custom error"));

// Outside of withScope, the Event level will have their previous value restored.
// The exception has the event level set (error).
Sentry.captureException(new Error("custom error 2"));
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