Captures breadcrumbs for events for many of Electron's built-in modules. The breadcrumbs captured for each module can be configured true to capture all events or false to capture no events. Alternatively, you can supply a function which is passed the event name and returns true or false, depending on whether the event should be captured.

The defaults for this integration are effectively:

import * as Sentry from "@sentry/electron";

  dsn: "https://examplePublicKey@o0.ingest.sentry.io/0",
  integrations: [
      app: (name) => !name.startsWith("remote-"),
      autoUpdater: true,
      webContents: (name) =>
        ["dom-ready", "context-menu", "load-url", "destroyed"].includes(name),
      browserWindow: (name) =>
      screen: true,
      powerMonitor: true,
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