Debug Information

Debug symbols help provide you with readable stack traces, which Sentry displays on the Issue Details page, to help you triage an issue.

JavaScript Source Maps

JavaScript Sourcemaps are automatically uploaded at build time when running cordova build.

Uploading Using Xcode

To run the debug information upload when building your app, add the following as a run script phase in Xcode. Also make sure to set the DEBUG_INFORMATION_FORMAT in your

projectRepresents your service in Sentry and allows you to scope events to a distinct application.
settings to DWARF and dSYM file.

function getProperty {
    PROP_VALUE=`cat $SENTRY_PROPERTIES | grep "$PROP_KEY" | cut -d'=' -f2`
    echo $PROP_VALUE
if [ ! -f $SENTRY_PROPERTIES ]; then
    echo "warning: SENTRY: file not found! Skipping symbol upload."
    exit 0
echo "# Reading property from $SENTRY_PROPERTIES"
SENTRY_CLI=$(getProperty "cli.executable")
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