The Raven Go package currently comes with an integration for the native net/http module to make it easy to handle common scenarios. More frameworks will be coming soon.

Raven Go provides middleware that can be used with the stdlib net/http library to automatically handle panics that occur during an http request.

Simply install raven-go through go get:

go get

Make sure that you’ve set configured raven with your DSN, typically inside the init() in your main package is a good place.

package main

import ""

func init() {

If you don’t call SetDSN, we will attempt to read it from your environment under the SENTRY_DSN environment variable. The release and environment will also be read from the environment variables SENTRY_RELEASE and SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT if set.

Next, we need to wrap our http.Handler with our RecoveryHandler:

func raisesError(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
	panic("My first Sentry error!")

http.HandleFunc("/debug-sentry", raven.RecoveryHandler(raisesError))

You can use the above snippet to verify the Sentry integration by visiting the above route in your application and verifying the error in Sentry.

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