Source Context

Sentry can display snippets of your code next to the event stack traces. This feature is called source context.

There are three options for setting up source context:

If you add the --include-sources flag to the sentry-cli debug-files upload command, sentry-cli will scan your debug files to find references to the source code files, resolve them in the local file system, bundle them up, and upload them to Sentry.

sentry-cli debug-files upload --auth-token sntrys_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE \
  --include-sources \
  --org example-org \
  --project example-project \

If you're already using Fastlane, you can use the Sentry Fastlane plugin to upload your source to Sentry by adding include_sources: true to the plugin call.

  auth_token: 'sntrys_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE',
  org_slug: 'example-org',
  project_slug: 'example-project',
  include_sources: true, # Optional. For source context.

You can upload your sources to Sentry after every build through Xcode. To do this, add the --include-sources flag to the sentry-cli debug-files upload command in the Upload Debug Symbols Xcode build phase script.

if which sentry-cli >/dev/null; then
export SENTRY_ORG=example-org
export SENTRY_PROJECT=example-project
ERROR=$(sentry-cli debug-files upload --include-sources "$DWARF_DSYM_FOLDER_PATH" 2>&1 >/dev/null)
if [ ! $? -eq 0 ]; then
echo "warning: sentry-cli - $ERROR"
echo "warning: sentry-cli not installed, download from"
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