When a user experiences an error, Sentry provides the ability to take a screenshot and include it as an attachment.

This feature only applies to SDKs with a user interface, such as the ones for mobile and desktop applications. In some environments like native iOS, taking a screenshot requires the UI thread and in the event of a crash, that might not be available. So inherently, this feature will be a best effort solution.

On iOS, only manually captured errors or exceptions will contain a screenshot.

Enabling Screenshots

Screenshots may contain PII and is an opt-in feature. You can enable it as shown below:

import Sentry

SentrySDK.start { options in
  options.attachScreenshot = true

Viewing Screenshots

Screenshots appear in the "Attachments" tab on the Issue Details page, where you can view all attachments, as well as associated events. Click the event ID to open the Issue Details of that specific event.

Screenshots List Example

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